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Our Outreach Community Support provides holistic and bespoke support to meet each individual’s needs, starting from when they are referred to us. 

  • Tenancy sustainment
  • Promoting independence, choice and control
  • Assisting medication
  • Emotional Support
  • Developing life skills 
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Your support plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.

Individual Service Guarantee

The service that is provided is self-directed (decided by the individual) support to individuals who face enduring mental health issues, enabling them to maintain their accommodation and manage their health and wellbeing. The organisation also has excellent links with the local NHS mental health services and endeavour to continue working closely with them to ensure the recovery of the individual under our care.

Support Plan

Assessment considers where the individual is starting from. 

Long term goals are identified.

Short term goals are also identified to help individuals acknowledge their progress.

We work with recovery and enablement models. 

Support plans include life skills and hobbies 

We aim to allow individuals to direct their potential in their own time.


We support service users to maintain the skills that they have acquired in assisted and supported living.

We aim to enable people to improve the quality of their lives and make positive changes in areas that are important to them

Our outreach community flats offer an integrated and flexible service.

We aim to direct individuals to move towards increased independence and minimum support.

Our facilities offer newly refurbished apartments that are of a high quality.

Outreach Management

Outreach manager
Chester Takendesa

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