Business Continuity Plan COVID-19

COVID-19: Our plan

1. We’re protecting our people

  • All of our people are following the government’s advice to work from home where possible and we are encouraging our people to use virtual conferencing solutions to meet with patients and each other.
  • We’ve suspended all non-critical international business travel and travel between our premises.
  • We have created a microsite for our people which is regularly updated with advice and guidance on how they can help prevent the spread of the virus while looking after each other and continuing to serve our clients.
  • We are ready to follow any further guidance from Public Health England to protect the health and safety of our people.

2. We’re ensuring continuity for our patients

  • Our flexibility is part of the way we work at Moreways Healthcare which means working remotely (including from home) is a familiar practice for our staff. We are confident our people are prepared.
  • Most of our people are equipped with laptops, chargers, headsets, mobile phones and access to the 4G network to ensure they can continue to work effectively wherever they are.
  • Our IT systems are designed to suit a remote workforce. We use Zoho Cloud technology to ensure our people can access documents from anywhere.
  • Our culture is one of digital collaboration and our people regularly use video conferencing and instant messaging technology to work effectively together across multiple locations.
  • We have policies in place which cover the appropriate way to work securely when out of the office to ensure confidentiality and the protection of data.
  • All internet connections on Moreways laptops and phones are protected using secure VPN technology.
  • As face to face meetings are no longer advisable, we’d encourage a conversation with your Moreways Healthcare contact to discuss and agree suitable alternative ways of working, for example the use of video conferencing.
  • If you have particular concerns, please talk to your Moreways Healthcare contact.

3. We’re prepared as a business

  • We’re following our Infectious Disease and Pandemic Management Response plans.
  • We’re monitoring and acting on the advice of the UK government
  • We are undertaking full business impact assessments across our business to identify potential risks and prepare for the continuation of services under a worse case scenario.
We will add to and update this information as necessary.