Referral and assessment process​

Our referral and assessment process

We place each individual at the heart of their care, taking time to understand their personal history and story. Our assessment process is uniquely tailored to ensure the package of care we propose will be as unique as the person we support.

For each referral we will conduct:

  • A review of the applicant’s history and circumstances
  • An assessment as to whether the applicant meets the admission criteria
  • An assessment related to the composition of the scheme’s current residents
  • Emergency admissions will be accepted, provided that the above information has been supplied to consider the appropriateness of the placement.

We review each person’s placement plan on a regular basis. This is undertaken through consultation with the service user and representatives from the mental health team to ensure that the plan is current, appropriate and relevant to the service user’s needs. Any significant change to the placement plan will be discussed and agreed at a formal placement review.

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Your support plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.

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What happens when you refer someone?

We work with specialist teams to gather all information regarding each person’s needs and specific requirements. Our holistic approach means we are assessing the whole person, rather than just their medical needs. Our experienced team will consider the desired location and type of service required, timelines involved and, most importantly, the difference we can make to enhancing the opportunities and life skills of each individual.

Who does the assessment?

We have a highly experienced team involved in our assessment process. Typically, the manager of the preferred home will attend the assessment in conjunction with the relevant specialist from our assessment team.

Who is involved in the assessment?

The individual is always placed at the centre of our assessment, so involving them to the maximum of their ability is always our key objective. There are many other people involved in the process of assessing an individual and ensuring their needs are met; these include family, friends, advocates, social workers, therapeutic professionals and support workers. We aim to consider all perspectives on the person’s needs.

How long does the assessment take?

This is entirely dependent on the individual’s circumstances and needs. We ensure that regardless of timeframes the assessment process always maintains the highest possible standards.

Are reports generated?

We produce a therapeutic care pathway that accompanies any placement offer. This document contains information about Moreways Healthcare, our assessment findings and our offer and recommendations related to the placement offered. Also included are the level of staff support and costs.

Who makes the final decision?

We believe in partnership with the individual and their advocates, so ultimately the decision is a joint one, made by the professionals responsible for the funding of the placement, the individual themselves and the family, friends and advocates who are supporting this person.

What happens if the placement is accepted?

When placements are offered detailed information about our assessment is forwarded to the referring professionals, this could be the Local Authority or CCG. The placement offer will include our findings and recommendations along with the placement fee associated with the proposed support package. The referrer will then consider our placement offer, and if accepted we will then work with the individual and all relevant professionals and family members involved in the individuals care to make plans, and pre-visits prior to their admission to our services.

What care plans and risk assessments are put in place?

Part of the transition planning process is the development of care-plans and risk assessments for each individual. These are produced from a collaboration with the registered home manager, their team and the therapeutic team. These documents support visits during the individual’s transition and are fully in place from the moment a person moves in.

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Personalised Support Plan

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Post-admission review

As part of our caring and person-centred support, after six weeks a post-admission review takes place. This enables reflection on the settling in period for each person, and is also an opportunity to plan for longer term goals. We pride ourselves on being responsive and flexible to people’s needs so this review allows everyone to discuss the level of support and to ensure funding was set correctly. If any changes need to be made they are formalised in this meeting and formal requests made to relevant professionals. If things change, we change.

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