World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day

“Young people and mental health in a changing world” 

We were recently encouraged to stop and consider how mental health affects us and those around us. This was through a worldwide recognised day, world mental health day. The theme for 2018 was young people and mental health in a changing world, encouraging those to consider the early stages of mental health issues and how prevention tactics can be put into place. 

World mental health day

World mental health day was created to invoke awareness of the topic and how it affects all. Although mental health affects everyone, there has been particular stress on the mental health of our youth in regards to recent shocking figures. There has also been emphasis on the mental health of young men in our community as recent statistics show that suicide is the largest cause of death among men aged 35 and under. This figure alone raises emphasis on how integral awareness and understanding of mental health is.

The early stages of adulthood can be difficult. The transition of gaining responsibility and figuring out your path. For many, these are exciting times , but for some this can be a time of apprehension and stress. Stress is common, it evolves into a larger problem when it becomes frequent and ignored. These initial anxieties can lead to mental illness if not managed correctly. Growing recognition of the necessary processes to build mental resilience in our youth means progression to a reduced figure of mental health problems in our adult community. 

 The majority of individuals face stress at some point in their life, if not in their youth, specifically working through periods of difficulty. Despite the prevalence of mental health issues such as stress, it carries a stigma. This stigma discourages people from asking for help, potentially making such issues worse when often this can initially be managed without professional help. Help may be as simple as creating a sense of acceptance, understanding you are not alone. One in four people will experience a mental health problem in their life. This figure represents those facing mental health problems directly. Indirectly, a significantly larger figure will have faced this. Whether through a family member, colleague or friend. Awareness is therefore vital in the advancement of aiding those struggling to becoming themselves again. 

It is important to consider those around us, remembering mental health not only on world mental health day but on every day of the year as more and more people come fourth with such concerns. Being mindful could alleviate the suffering people face daily, progressing to a decline in the shocking figures as a result of disregarded mental health. 

The number of advocates for mental health awareness is increasing   

 Paul Jay Fink

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